Nelly Ephrati-Artom

Agent at RE/MAX Vision

Property Types

  • 61% Apartment
  • 9% Home
  • 6% Garden apartment
  • 24% Other

Property Status

  • 91% Exclusive listing
  • 88% For Sale
  • -79% Other

Property Cities

  • 94% Jerusalem
  • 6% Other

About Nelly Ephrati-Artom

Nelly Ephrati-Artom joined the RE/MAX Vision team with a vast business and entrepreneurial background from around the world. As a member of a Diplomat’s family, Nelly traveled the world – residing in Canada, Brazil, Chile, Italy, Ethiopia and South-Africa. Her studies include Biology at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Industrial Design at Tel-Aviv University. Nelly looks forward to providing her clients with great service, and even greater results. Nelly specializes in the neighborhood of French Hill and Tzameret HaBirah. Nelly is married with 3 girls, and speaks Hebrew, English, French, German & Yiddish. She can also manage in Japanese and Italian.

RE/MAX 100% Club 2013
RE/MAX 100% Club 2012
RE/MAX 100% Club 2011
Achievement Award 2011
Executive Club Award 2010
RE/MAX Rental Award 2010
President’s Club Award 2009

Language: English, Hebrew

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