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The Reality of Realty after the Corona by Alyssa Friedland

The Reality of Realty after the Corona by Alyssa Friedland

What will the real estate world look like the “Day After ” ? This is the question I am being asked by my buyers, sellers, friends and colleagues. Seminars, Zoom sessions and Whatsapp groups abound trying to calm realtors who were affected almost as hard as the tourism, recreation and restaurant industries.  I may not […]

Jerusalem Real Estate….Where What ,and When ?

Jerusalem Real Estate….Where What ,and When ?

Jerusalem is a city of unique and distinct populations and housing needs. In Jerusalem  populations vary more than any other city in Israel. Ultra religious neighborhoods such as Ma’ah Sha’arim ,Romema, Har nof, Givat Shaul, and Ramat Shlomo, cater to a lower income population with large families. Peripheral neighborhoods such as Ramot, Ramat Eshkol, Armon […]

Real Estate Investment opportunities in Jerusalem

Real Estate Investment opportunities in Jerusalem

By Alyssa Friedland Most buyers are wondering if the Corona has had an impact on properties values in Jerusalem and in Israel as a whole. The truth is, the government and the banks were actually very sensitive to homeowners during the first few months of the Corona epidemic ,and offered mortgage holders a 3 month […]

הנדל”ן לאן❓-ניתוח שוק הנדלן בישראל בעקבות הקורונה ◀️  / שלומי אלמליח

הנדל”ן לאן❓-ניתוח שוק הנדלן בישראל בעקבות הקורונה ◀️ / שלומי אלמליח

לאחרונה אני נתקל ברבים מהלקוחות/החברים/והעמיתים מהתחום שפנו אלי ושאלו אותי שאלות בסגנון; שלומי מה יהיה עם שוק הנדל”ן עכשיו? איך הקורונה השפיעה ותשפיע על השוק? האם המחירים הולכים לרדת או שהם יעלו? כדאי לקנות עכשיו או לא? ולכן החלטתי לרשום כאן בצורה מפורטת את אתגרי שוק הנדל”ן ומה צפוי לקרות בעקבות הקורונה. ראשית נתחיל בזה […]

Buying A Home in Jerusalem

For many potential foreign buyers, the decision to make a home purchase in Israel, and in Jerusalem more specifically, is filled with a certain amount of anxiety.  Local customs and requirements are different than in the buyer’s home country.  There are currency issues, timing issues and legal issues to overcome.  Many foreign buyers don’t have […]

Jerusalem’s Housing Market

In the last week of February, the Chief government appraiser, Tal Eldorati, published quarterly figures on real estate prices for the last quarter of 2013 and for the year as a whole. The price of an average four-room apartment at the end of 2013 amounted to NIS 1.76 million; unchanged in relation to the average […]

Southern Jerusalem Neighborhoods

Speculation is in the air regarding the effect that the new proposal by Finance minister, Yair Lapid, will have on housing prices.  In central Jerusalem, land is scarce so new construction is rare, and those projects that are being built are catering to the luxury end of the market, with prices starting at NIS 30,000 […]

Jerusalem- Will Terror Tarnish the Golden City?

How long can a strong real estate market endure?  How high can it go?  Will the bubble ever burst?  These questions have been the main dilemma for Jerusalem buyers and sellers for the last 8 years in the Israeli real estate market. The recent wave of terror has brought these questions to the forefront once […]

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