Naftali 23

The project includes a limited number of luxury duplex apartments of 140 sqm, 4.5 rooms.
with a high level finish. From the balconies in the project you can view the houses of the German Colony and Baka. The project is a winning combination of location, architectural design and a high level of finish that give the buyers a perfect living space. The Mesila Park project is located in one of the most popular green areas in Jerusalem the promenade of the railway track that was built along the historic tracks of Jerusalem. This dynamic urban park attracts the residents of Jerusalem of all ages and backgrounds, who travel, run and ride their bicycles, while enjoying the unique atmosphere of the area between the Baka neighborhood and the German Colony. The area is known for its restaurants, intimate cafes and picturesque residential buildings, and has become the center of commercial and social life for Jerusalem. The area is characterized by preserved and varied architectural styles, which have made the area one of the most desirable residential areas of Jerusalem. The neighborhoods of Baka and the German Colony are known for their open social fabric, which provides expression to communities from all walks of life in Jerusalem: English and French, religious and secular.

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